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Spaziale Compositi was founded in 2014 with passion and commitment, to combine the best technologies available for creating the most performance wheelset on the market. Military aerospace and F1 Carbon Fiber technology, SPAZIALE Compositi developed in collaboration of ZEROUNO Bikes the innovative LUNAR® Carbon Technology and the exclusive LUNAR® Honeycomb Carbon/Kevlar Technology. 
Our understanding of carbon fibre technology has moved forward at pace in the intervening years. We’ve continued to innovate with automation technology for greater precision, new adhesives, resins and processes to improve our products, making them not only stronger and lighter but also swifter to construct and spectacular to behold. 

These advancements place the modern ARUST® technology on the leading edge of bicycle rims materials science.

Still the pioneering work continues, and composites have never been more relevant. Today’s bicycle industry demands stronger, safer structures, aerodynamics, but also lighter rims with better performance.

Riders from all around the world are enjoying our creations. Spaziale wheels are designed with the input from amateurs, cyclist enthusiasts and UCI PRO cyclists, experienced engineers and aerodynamicists, working together to constantly improve our wheels.

Evolution and improvement is our moth and our cycling passion is our motivation. The result is new ride experience!