SPAZIALE COMPOSITI Wheels are designed for those riders fighting for the top step of the podium at every race. Reliability and Performance are the key words we had in our minds when designed our wheels.

Light rims are responsible for acceleration values so that not even the tiniest bit of energy is wasted on uphill climbs. Thanks to the stress-optimized reinforced spoke holes laminated and reinforced during production no additional drilling.

By using materials from Formula 1 not freely available on the market and exceptional manufacturing processes, our engineers have exceeded the expectations with our latest technologies.

Right stiffness it’s mean more grip climbing and more stability and control descending. Even when riding through deep sand, ruts or mud, the tires practically dig themselves out thanks to the new rims construction, the rider quickly regains a secure grip under the wheels.

The new rims are made with our exclusive LUNAR HM Carbon with the highest grade of carbon prepregs. Each Premium rim takes about 3h of Autoclave and approximately 8 hours to be ready. A long handcrafted process to guarantee an optimal resin flow between the composite layers and to offer enough time to press out even the smallest gas bubble in between the laminate layers.

Formula 1 materials
LUNAR HM Carbon material with a specific resin composition derivate from F1 and aerospace industry that offers the highest heat tolerance and mechanical robustness. Asymmetrical shape, high-end materials and superior stiffness, makes SPAZIALE wheels a point of reference in the cycling industry.

In addition to the Autoclave technology, our rim is submitted to a another heat cycle in a special heating oven. During this thermal process called "tempering" the rims are being gradually brought to their glass transition temperature (T_g) in order to prepare them for extreme thermal stresses, such as high stress of a heavy rider in the mountains territory. During this thermal process, the resin crystals re-orientate and this way ensure the highest possible safety.

Production time
The production of a single rim takes 8 hours in order to get the maximum out of the material and to be able to offer you the best possible quality and performance - a span of time that is possible only for high-end, handcrafted parts!

Aerodynamic Rims U-AERO Shape Technology (ARUST)® 
Specific smooth carbon surface with smallest spoke holes drilled. The nipples are now internally located and combined to the new Pillar Super Aero spokes, improving the overall wheelset aerodynamicist. 

Smaller drilled holes improves the rim strength and combined to our latest LUNAR HM Carbon, the rims are now even more stiff and resistant.  

Developed in the Pagani Wind Tunnel, the  ARUST® technology demonstrated that the new rim shape reduces drag and air turbulences. The time savings over a distance of 40 miles is about 12.5 seconds.

This technology effectively helps turbulent air passing over the wheel to re-attach to the spoke face after flowing over the spinning rim. It also decreases the side force acting on the rim, which smoothes turbulence and reduces drag. At yaw angle of 10º, drag reduction is validated to be 20% (A2 Wind Tunnel Tests).

Our studies demonstrates a 35% aerodynamic performance improvement with the new VENUS over the previous VENUS and VENUS PRO models. The performance improvement is a result of rim-shape optimization and internal nipples technology.