We are exclusively using the highest grade carbon prepregs with specific properties for the requirements for our rims and adapt our production processes specifically to the demands of the material in use in order to thus be able to fully exploit the potential of the raw material. That way we are using high-grade, high-tensile fiber types with a specific resin system with long curing times and adapt our processes accordingly. Whilst a rim in mass production is hardly ever allowed more than 30 minutes, our first curing cycle accounts to a whopping 2 1/2 hours and in addition features very flat temperature and pressure gain slopes. 

This is in order to guarantee a resin flow as optimal as possible and to ideally net the laminate layers as well as to offer enough time to press out even the smallest gas bubble in between the laminate layers. With faster curing times however the danger of even generating additional gas bubbles in the system increases due to the fast and high rising temperature. These would not be visible with the naked eye - so do not differ in quality optically - but will yield vastly worse mechanical properties; a not be taken lightly price of a quantity driven mass production.


As material we are using a specific resin system from motorsports that offers the highest heat tolerance and mechanical robustness and there predominantly is being utilized for the thermally and mechanically highly stressed brake exhausts of Formula 1 cars.


This no enough and especially important for rim brake rims: In addition to the actual curing all our in effect already finished rim brake rims run through another heat cycle in a separate heating oven. During this so called "tempering" the rims are being gradually brought to their glass transition temperature (T_g) in order to prepare them for extreme thermal stresses, such as dragging brakes of a heavy rider in alpine territory. In this cycle the resin crystals re-orientate and this way ensure the highest possible safety.

Production time

The production of a single ax rim takes 7 1/2 hours in order to get the maximum out of the material and to be able to offer you the best possible quality and performance - a span of time that was unthinkable in mass production!

All our wheel set are assembled by hand from real passionate wheels builders experts in our SPAZIALE Compositi labs.

Aerodynamic Rims U-AERO Shape Technology (ARUST)®

Without any square holes on rims bed, for other factories, they drilled this big square hole to make air blades go out after molding. But we have our new skill, the air blades can come out without any big square hole. This improves the rim strength strongly. Constructed with our premium LUNAR Carbon fiber®. The best strength to weight ratio with no expense spared.

The ARUST® technology have beed developed in a wind tunnel. Pagani Wind Tunnel testing demonstrated that the ARUST® reduces drag so effectively, that the time savings over a distance of 40 km is 12.5 seconds.
This system effectively helps turbulent air passing over the wheel to re-attach to the spoke face after flowing over the spinning rim. It also decreases the side force acting on the rim, which smoothes turbulence and reduces drag. At yaw angle of 10º, drag reduction is validated to be 20% (A2 Wind Tunnel Tests).

Analysis demonstrates a 35% aerodynamic performance improvement since we introduced the ARUST® technology in with a l for the Typhoon over the previous Typhoon one and Typhoon two models. The performance improvement is a result of rim-shape optimization.